CannOMICS towards breeding new cannabis varieties

Cannabis, as marijuana or hemp is an economically important crop with unprecedented market growth potential. It can be used as nutritional products like hemp-derived protein powders and to make health supplements, such as CBD oil, as well as fuel, fiber and medicine.

Since 2010, We have started a wide screening and breeding program on cannabis/hemp to reshape people minds about this plant particularly in Iran and extend out findings to the whole world. This is human right to better understand cannabis, its benefits for medicine, agriculture, and industry.

Today, novel chemotypes and cultivars with interesting commercial features need to be explored and exploited for future breeding programs.

THC and CBD are at the center of others attention. we’ve heard a little more about CBN, CBG, CBC, THCV, CBDV. However, it’s a wonder why we’ve never heard too much of the other cannabinoids such as CBND, CBDL, CBE, CBT, CBL and other rare cannabinoids. Our knowledge of these compounds is less than that of our moon!

Our dwarf germplasm: the key to produce hemp seed and cannabinoid indoor

Most domesticated cannabis is very tall which is desirable only for hemp fiber obtained from the stems. However, due to a very high demands today for indoor hemp and cannabinoid crops, we have screened and selected at least seven dwarf chemotypes among our native germplasm which are capable to breed as new dwarf cultivars.