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CGRC focuses on conservation and use of more than 500 of Cannabis accessions were collected from different regions of Iran and other continents. We have mainly focused on our native accessions due to variable results obtained with foreign varieties and clones from Europe, Canada, Australia were grown in different regions of Iran. Some of accessions are listed here. For further information please contact us.

UTCSP01UTCSP31UTCSP61UTCSP91 921231 891330 891131
UTCSP02UTCSP32UTCSP62UTCSP92 921232 891332 891186
UTCSP03UTCSP33UTCSP63UTCSP93 921233 901072 891228
UTCSP04UTCSP34UTCSP64UTCSP94 921234 921198 891229
UTCSP05UTCSP35UTCSP65883260 921235 880823 891326
UTCSP06UTCSP36UTCSP66 883262 921236 880826 891327
UTCSP07UTCSP37UTCSP67 883270 921239 880827 891329
UTCSP08UTCSP38UTCSP68 883271 880973 883048 901047
UTCSP09UTCSP39UTCSP69 891194 883039 883052 901048
UTCSP10UTCSP40UTCSP70 891195 883046 883080 901078
UTCSP11UTCSP41UTCSP71 891196 883249 883082 910915
UTCSP12UTCSP42UTCSP72 891197 921051 883110 921019
UTCSP13UTCSP43UTCSP73 891198 901161 883113921020
UTCSP14UTCSP44UTCSP74 891199 901162 883114921050
UTCSP15UTCSP45UTCSP75 891200 901163 883140921052
UTCSP16UTCSP46UTCSP76 891201 891342 883141883065
UTCSP17UTCSP47UTCSP77 891203 891191 883154880824
UTCSP18UTCSP48UTCSP78891204 891192 883213883041
UTCSP19UTCSP49UTCSP79 891348 891193 883247883067
UTCSP20UTCSP50UTCSP80 891383 883038 883248891158
UTCSP21UTCSP51UTCSP81 891384 883043 883289880825
UTCSP22UTCSP52UTCSP82 891385 883047 883290883066
UTCSP23UTCSP53UTCSP83 891386 883161 883292883049
UTCSP24UTCSP54UTCSP84 910914 883172 891057891343
UTCSP25UTCSP55UTCSP85 910972 883173 891061883045
UTCSP26UTCSP56UTCSP86 921199 891047 891062892070
UTCSP27UTCSP57UTCSP87 921200 891051 891069891223
UTCSP28UTCSP58UTCSP88 921205 891054 891090921040
UTCSP29UTCSP59UTCSP89 921209 891064 891093883174
UTCSP30UTCSP60UTCSP90 921230 891071 891094891178

* UTCS: Accessions from Iran (CGRC)

* Digits: Accessions from CGN, The Netherlands


* CAN: Accessions from IPK, Germany

GBS data are available at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Traces/study/?acc=PRJNA419020

Trends for CBD chemotypes

Despite of a long history of breeding for high THC plants, there was no demand for other kind of strains on the market. Recently, however, many effort has been placed on finding and breeding plants with high CBD concentrations without getting any psychoactive effects– CGRC contains particular strains with high purity cannabinoid profiles which meets the characteristics required for medical use. These strains allow us to produce new varieties which are reproducible and effective on a particular condition.

The scientific community and public society have now increasingly accepted cannabis specifically hemp as much more than a recreational drug. There are growing demands for cannabinoids, mainly CBD, with many diverse therapeutic and nutritional properties in veterinary or human medicine.

  1. CBD has turned the cannabis market upside down. 
  2. CBD has many diverse therapeutic and nutritional properties in veterinary or human medicine.
  3. Today, more and more people around the whole world tend to use different forms of cannabinoids, and there is fierce competition between companies to formulate and receive approval for new products, which indicates that a large part of CBD’s immediate future is the pharmaceutical and food industries.
  4. Towards such disciplines, more countries are rapidly adapting regulations to accommodate these new uses, despite the limitations related to THC.
  5. The output of such an idea would be that the perception of cannabis as an abuse drug that harms people is progressively changing to cannabis/hemp as a medicine, food, feed, drink, beauty, and health product.
  6. In case of the review and rewriting of the national regulations related to cannabis, Iran can be considered among the best ideal regions for the outdoor growing of cannabis and hemp using original native varieties.
  7. Medcannabase.org (CGRC) aim to creat a worldwide network to gather all cannabis experts together as the “Cannabis World Union” to better think about this magic plant and to avoid sowing confusion whether in the medical and scientific community or in public society.