Dr. Seyed Alireza Salami, PhD.

Head of Industrial and Medicinal Cannabis Research Institute (IMCRI)

Email: asalami@ut.ac.ir; Mobile: +98-912 542 3816

Dr. Salami, an associate professor at University of Tehran, is an expert in biotechnology, genetics and the bioinformatics. He received his Ph.D. in “Genetics of Host-Pathogen Interactions from University of Tehran followed by a research Ph.D. sabbatical at University of Adelaide, CSIRO and a research fellowship at Wageningen University.

Research interests:

Seyed Alireza Salami has 15+ years of experience in bio-science industry and in academia. His interest to pharmaceutical industry and several years of experience in genetic manipulation and bioinformatics, led him to start two mega projects on medicinal herbs mainly Cannabis (CannOMICS) and Saffron (CrocOMICS) at his lab since 2010.


There are many data which has not been published and you can contact us easily to negotiate.

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Some Other Selected Publications

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