Running towards a comprehensive atlas of Cannabis

We are whom you are looking for in cannabis

We believe that cannabis/hemp can save our planet. We also believe that this plant can not be ignored anymore. Relying on elite gene pools we are developing new varieties which can transforming our world. Our CBD-rich hemp seed, THC-zero (<0.1%) seeds, THC-rich seed, and Auto THC/CBD=1 seeds are in the priority list to be released.

Our knowledge of rare cannabinoids is less than that of our moon! We are also screening our gene pools for cannabinodiol (CBND), cannabinidiol (CBDL), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), cannabidivarin (CBDV) and other minor compounds.

Ongoing projects

“CannOMICS: Cannabis Genomics, Transcriptomics and Biochemistry”

 1- Genetic diversity of Cannabis populations collected from different regions of Iran and worldwide using molecular markers (ISSRs, SSRs, SCAR, GBS, …)

2- +1000 GBS genome survey and WGRS projects (looking for a partner to submit the proposal)

3- Phenotype screening of CGRC collection for disease resistant mainly powdery mildew, yield, plant architect, quality, etc.

4- Screening of CGRC collection towards resistant to bacterial, fungal and viral diseases

5- Screening, selection and breeding CGRC dwarf germplasm: the key to improve indoor hemp seed and cannabinoid crops

6- Phytochemical fingerprinting of CGRC collection towards selection of chemotypes I-V and terpenoids-rich chemotypes

7- Genome Wide Association Analysis (GWAS) of CGRC collection

8- Genetics of sex and discovery the markers linked to sex in Cannabis

9- Phytochemical fingerprinting and genomics of unknown metabolic pathways in cannabis

10- Whole transcriptome (RNA-Seq) and post-transcriptome (Small RNA-Seq) analysis of selected cannabis/hemp chemotypes

11- Genetic regulatory networks involved in the development of trichomes in Cannabis: characterization of Cannabis glandular trichome anatomy and transcriptome using RNASeq

12- Whole genome sequencing (WGRS) of selected Iranian cannabis/hemp accessions beside “Purple kush” and “Finola”

13- Study of polymorphisms, structure, expression and function of key genes involved in Cannabinoids and terpenoids biosynthesis pathways in drug-type and non-drug-type of Cannabis

14- Differential expression of THCAS and CBDAS in different tissues and different developmental stages of drug-type and non-drug-types of Cannabis

15- Polymorphisms, structure, expression and function of key genes involved in phenylpropanoid biosynthesis pathways in drug-type and non-drug-type of Cannabis

16- Cellulose and Lignin biosynthesis in hemp: OMICS approaches towards providing better sources of food and feed for human and animals

“Put cannabinoids and terpens on food and health basket”

 17- Anti microbial and anti oxidative effects of selected Cannabis chemotypes on human, animal and plant diseases as well as the first round of medical cannabis clinical trials on:

  1. Alzheimer
  2. Alcoholism clinical trials
  3. Pediatric Brain Cancer and Adult Brain Cancer 
  4. Childhood Epilepsy 
  5. Chronic Pain
  6. PTSD – Anxiety 
  7. MS
  8. Skin and Eye diseases
  9. Diabetes
  10. Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)

18- Effect of abiotic (UV, TiO2, wounding, salinity, drought and cold,…) and signaling elicitors (Salicylic acid, GA3, GABA, MtJA, Ascorbic acid, Brassinosteroids, 5-azacytidine, SNP, Nano Carbon, …) on hemp and medical cannabis (Cannabinoids, tepens, phenylpropanoids pathways, cellulose and xylan,…)

19- In vitro embryogenesis, organogenesis, suspension cell culture and hairy roots culture of selected superior cannabis/hemp chemotypes

20- Modeling the in vitro basal media optimization for callogenesis and embryogenesis in cannabis

21- Stable transformation of Cannabis: Over express the targeted genes in an industrial crop model

22- Regulatory engineering of cannabinoids pathway: Engineering towards High-CBD, High-THC and THC-free Cannabis

23- Silencing of Cspds and CsTHCAS genes in Cannabis using VIGS: Optimizing silencing of key genes involved in cannabinoid biosynthesis pathway

24- Heterologous expression of cannabinoids and terpens in yeast and algae

25- Genetic manipulation and gene/genome editing in cannabis using CRISPR-Cas technology

26- Efficacy of cannabis extracellular vesicles on liver cancer cells

27- Study the effect of cannabis extracellular vesicles with different components on fibrotic liver animal model

28- Cannabinoids as food, feed, beverage and supplement

29- Design and construction of blood brain barriers-on-chip for drug assessment based on THC and CBD

30- Develop a botanical, phenological and phytochemical atlas of cannabis